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Your May '24 ALL Stars

Your May '24 ALL Stars

Each month this school year, you had the chance to nominate any Avon Schools employee who embodies our mission: ALL belong, learn, and grow. In May, you nominated 67 individuals and we are sending your encouraging comments to them.

Here's just a sample of your comments about the many ways these ALL Stars make our mission a reality:

  • "[She] literally does everything for everyone. From helping with behavioral issues to helping navigate the daily struggles of all staff. She is one of a kind!
  • "She has always been there for me and others to make sure everyone is happy. Her bubbly personality makes her so much fun to be around and time flies when you're with her."
  • "Huge thank you for the way you engage and connect with your students."
  • "[He] works so hard each day to ensure our building is working in top order. He is so responsive morning, day night and weekends. He is a proud Avon Oriole and goes above and beyond."
  • "[She] She works to meet each kid where they are and always asking questions so that she can learn and grow. She is patient and kind even through the tough situations."
  • "He makes us fit in and talks to us, he is funny and always brings joy to the lunchroom and he is very helpful as a teacher."

We are grateful for each of our ALL Stars.

May '24 ALL Stars

Alice Denny, Transportation Alli Coulter, Maple Alyssa Steckbeck, Maple
Angel Garrett, Maple Angela Lee, Maple Anna Jones, Maple
April Woodruff, Maple Brad Bates, AIS East Briana Weasner, Transportation
Carissa Wooden, Maple Cindi Lacey, Admin Center Clara Fox, Maple
Clarice Roberts, Maple Crystal Mason, AMS North Dave Thompson, AHS
Dustin Robinson, OASIS Emily Schroyer, Maple Gabrielle Coffin, Technology
Jade Evans, Maple James Bellamy, White Oak Jenn Hansel, AIS West
Jennifer Miner, Maple Jenny Shayotovich, Admin Center Jerry Schubert, AMS South
Jessica Belcher, AIS West Jessica Elkins, Maple Jessy Wilson, Maple
Katie Bonilla, Sycamore Katlyn Hansen, AIS East Katrina Shoemaker, AMS North
Kelly Thompson, River Birch Kevin Gray, Cedar Kim LaHaye, AMS North
Kim Lobosky, AHS Kristin Prewitt, River Birch Kristina Toney, Maple
Kristy Lynch, Maple Kyle Lee, AMS North Leah Trigg, AHS
Lisa Graf, AMS North Lisa Wright-Evans, AHS Luann Heiss, AIS West
Luke Tudor, AMS North Megan Gain, Maple Megan Tolen, AMS North
Michelle Howard, AIS East Mitch Molloy, AIS West Nanette Gillium, Transportation
Nathaniel Briggs, AIS East Nikki Harrison, Maple Renee Moore, Maple
Rhonda Bradley, AIS West Robin Britton, Maple Sallie Gongwer, Maple
Shanea Pherson, Maple Sharon Howell, Maple Sharon Wellendorf, Maple
Sophia Cariaso, AIS West Stacey Herr, AMS North Steve Allen, Facilities
Teri Walters, AIS West Tim Kern, AHS Tim Titzer, AHS
Tisha Moore Tom Sesslar, AIS West Vanessa Fudge, AIS West
Yael Kendall, Maple